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Sacred, sexual, seductive, strong.

The vagina, is undoubtedly and potently,  feminine with innate powers.  Yet women are also vulnerable to assaults and attacks, targeted by men who lust after them, wish to dominate them, control them, and possess them. 

The “Read My Lips” project was created by PATRICIA MARTIN and LAURIE TOWERS to empower women and give them voice in a way never before experienced.  It encourages them to share their stories, heal, and express their most intimate selves in an artist, symbolic way, much the way Georgia O’Keefe’s dramatic flowers took on a deep significance with their distinctly female representation and undeniable feminine energy. 

Women who participate in the “Read My Lips” project by sharing the most intimate of images,  are embracing their feminine energy and power and inspiring other women to step forward and come together in strength.  The resulting prints are not crass, demeaning, or titillating but rather aesthetic and evocative, individual and anonymous.  One-of-a-kind expressions of beauty, release, freedom, and power, each will be as unique as a flower. 

The Read My Lips Project gives voice to women’s unique stories as well as shared universal experiences and truths.  Paired with no-holds-barred messages and battle cries for justice and rights, it is creating a groundswell of female solidarity and power never before seen or heard.

At a time that needs it the most.

Rights to Digital Art: Laurie Towers – For more information or to inquire further use the contact page/information on this site.

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