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Random life 


Flounced around Martin Van Buren’s mansion wearing a hoop skirt 

Faced down a fisher cat

Know the thumping of bear paws on grassy soil

Stomped a threatening snake

Accidentally shut down the Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge when my car

    was disabled and I was suspected of being a “jumper”

Danced at the Copacabana

Outwitted a fiend on a NYC subway

Dealt with two stalkers

Read Tarot cards for two television talk show hosts

Interviewed on a syndicated L.A. talk show

Goofed around with Dom DeLuise

Got lost on Bear Mountain

Met Mohamed Ali, photographed George C. Scott, commiserated with

    Martin Mull, danced with Arte Johnson

Took candid photos of Harry Chapin singing to children on a TV set

    and gave them to Tom Chapin  

Sweated through a day-long sweat lodge

Did a loop de loop on a trapeze

Ran out of gas wearing Alice in Wonderland “Dormouse” makeup

Flew in a glider

Been on TV, radio, stage, and screen

Did a west coast book tour

Host and read at poetry/spoken word events

Co-produced/co-hosted a Valentine’s Day program raided by the police

Performed in Howard Zinn’s play “Emma” and met him after a show

Wrote a monthly lifestyle column

Been on silent retreats

Hospitalized for Broken Heart Syndrome

Promoted a “Rotten Sneaker Contest”

Worked with Baseball Hall of Famers

Walked in the Green Mountains with a falconer and Harris Hawk

Ate tiny oysters on a beach in Venezuela

Handfed a brood of baby cockatiels

Interviewed Ismail Merchant as he served me tea in his home

Selected to receive a “makeover” for a feature in a national magazine...most agreed         

    the”before” photo was better!

Got to interview a NASA rocket scientist.

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